Maurice Thibodeau

Chief Engineer of Transformational Experiences

As a Certified Coach and passionate advocate for Living on Purpose, Maurice brings to the team the vision for creating transformational experiences to allow individuals the opportunity to be free and truly authentic. As a business coach, he works with entrepreneurs to pull them out of the “Doing because I should” auto-pilot mode and moves them to a “Did it because I could” state. He is responsible for making sure you have a great experience at the I Am Family Festival.

Brooke Storry

Co-Director of I Am Family Camp, and Children’s Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher

Brooke Storry

Brooke Storry is a co-director of I Am Family Camp, and a Children’s Yoga Teacher. Her earthy and spirited approach to teaching kids yoga is powerful and playful, leaving kids with lasting calmness, joy and nourishment of mind, body and soul. She integrates story, song, breathe, movement, games, meditation, nature and mindfulness into her lessons. It is her mission to equip kids in today’s world with a wellness tool belt, so they can feel more confidently rooted in their being, and more capable of shining their unique and beautiful light into the world!

Tim Barlow

Co-Director of I Am Family Camp

Tim Barlow

Tim Barlow is a Songwriter, Optimitist, Scout Leader, Laughter Therapist and Dad. He has 20 years on-stage experience across Europe and Canada, most recently fronting Winnipeg folk-collective Few Who Do. After starting a family it was a natural progression to write and perform children’s music which he does with his son under the guise Dad and Kid.. Recently described as the English Fred Penner, Tim juggles stories of family life with nursery rhymes and movement songs to engage the audience in a campfire sing-a-long experience. With his Laughing Yoga T-Shirt on he can be found in Winnipeg teaching adults and kids a-like how to laugh there way to wellness. Ha ha, Ho ho ho,

Tracy Thibodeau

Facilitator for I Am Family Camp

A Certified Life Coach, a Certified Project Manager and previously the International Host of Relationship TV , Tracy has dedicated her life to helping individuals move forward in their lives by helping them imagine the possibility, envision their dreams and build a practical plan to start moving on.  She works with moms to build relationship.

She facilitates Mother-Daughter Workshops designed to help young women understand their own power and source of confidence and happiness and has most recently joined with Journey Henkart to bring a Girls Changing the World (Trademark pending) movement to a global level.

Tracy is a co-founder of a wellness festival dedicated to helping individuals use nature, space and inspirational ideas to unveil their full potential. As a certified project manager and business professional, she ties together accountability matrices and solid plans to guide individuals to first identify and then achieve their goals.

Amelia MacDougall

Artistic Creator for I Am Family Camp

Amelia is an Earth child, visionary, singer, dancer, and medicine woman. She is a lover of all living things, of Spirit, and of life. You can most often find her communing with and observing plants, foraging and gathering bits of nature, creating nature mandalas, or dancing and enjoying being alive.

Amelia trained professionally and worked as a pharmacist for 3 years, before a spiritual awakening opened her eyes to the magic of the world around her. She remembered her passion, love and excitement for nature. As she continued deepening her relationship with the Earth, her life began to transform. She went from living a life of mental stress and material-focus to one abundant in wonder, gratitude and joy. She began to realize that much of the sickness she saw society was because of an apparent disconnect from the Earth. She realized that in order to heal the Earth and its people, the relationship between them needed to be healed. This realization awakened her calling to help others awaken their own inner Earth Children, and she left her career to create her dream.

Amelia pulls from a deep inner wisdom, her personal practice and independent studies in mandalas, paganism, shamanism and other spiritual practices when creating her workshops. She is currently enrolled in Yasei Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing) guide training, to further expand her knowledge and skill set in assisting others in deepening their relationship with nature. She is also attuned to master level Reiki.