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Family is where we learn to be who we are.

Family is where we learn and set our first deeply rooted values

Family is where we go to for acceptance, love, support, & understanding.

 Family is where we have the greatest opportunity to impact our next generation.


Join us and a community of 50 other families as we learn, laugh, and connect.


  • Yoga
  • Live Nightly Entertainment  
  • Nature Walks
  • Parenting Workshops
  • Partner Connection  
  • Family bonding  
  • Meditation & Relaxation  
  • Games  
  • Summer Experiences


  • Swimming
  • Kayaks  
  • Games Center  
  • Nightly Movies  
  • Kids workshops  
  • Space to Run  
  • Chill Zone  
  • Canoes  
  • Music  
  • New Friends 


  • Facilitated Activities and Games
  • Supervised play during adult workshops
  • Night light show
  • Music, crafts, exploring 
  • New friends

Last Year’s World-Class Programming Included:

  • Fred Penner – acclaimed family entertainer, singer/songwriter, composer, actor, writer, author, TV host and keynote speaker
  • Kellie Johnsen – Coach, Counselor (BSHA, MFT) from Hawaii, USA.  Specializes in Relationships, Career, Adolescents/Teens
  • Sheena Grobb – Musician, Coach, former teacher, Creative Instructor.  Specializes in creative outlets for connection, kids compassion.
  • Keith Macpherson – Wellness expert, Musician, Speaker, Mindfulness Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Author.  Specializes in mindfulness & creative expression.
  • Tracy Thibodeau (CCP, CGCP, PMP) – Life Coach, Girls Changing the World co-creator and workshop facilitator; mom of 3. Specialize in family relationships.
  • Journey Henkart  – Author, Speaker, Girls Changing the World co-creator and workshop facilitator, world traveler 
  • Maurice Thibodeau – executive coach; family camp facilitator & host; dad of 3; chief experience engineer.