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Daily trips to the pond!

Nightly Campfires

Aug 17 - 19, 2018

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Located at Ignite Retreats north of Winnipeg


What is Family Camp?

Family camp is:

A community of people with a simple common thread:

you care about your role as a parent; and,

you want to be your best at it.

A place for exploration not expectations.

A program guided by themes, not agendas.

An experience about exploring the answers through our shared experiences.


Here is the equation:

Traditional family camping (campfires, nature, hikes, new spaces, getting away)


an off the grid campground on beautiful 80-acres


families with a common interest


A mindful agenda of meaningful fun


I Am Family Camp.

What to expect?

New Relationships = New Perspectives = New Possibilities

  • Focused time with your kids
  • Focused time away from your kids
  • Planned daily (age appropriate) activity options
  • Time off the grid, in nature
  • Walks, hikes, exploration 
  • Space to simply: be you
  • New relationships outside of the "bubble''
  • Laughter, Fun & Friendship
  • Swimming on the pond
  • Canoes, kayaks, slides, and water fun
  • Real conversations with other parents
  • Expansive mindfulness activities
  • Kids yoga
  • Time and tools to create, imagine and play
  • Learning: new tools for your life navigation

Time away from my kids?

That's right.  A healthy family is one with the right balance of YOU time.

When our tanks are full, we are far more capable to give our family what they need!

Family Camp has meaningful kids engagement options with supervised play.


What Families are Saying

“This truly is where the heart is and I’m so grateful... this quality time has shown me what is truly important, we all loved it”

Ashley, mom of 2

“I’m blown away. I’ve learned so much and I will use these tools to better myself and my family.”

Todd (blended family of 4)

“This weekend reminded me of the kind of love and togetherness I want in my family and the type of realness I want in our relationship. Family Camp is a new family tradition.

The Mielos (parents of 2)


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Camp Leaders:

Camp leaders are here as hosts and experience guides.

Passionate about life, learning, and being our best;

 while having a heck of a lot of fun doing it!

Tim Barlow – Musician, Children’s Entertainer, Father, Scout Leader, Family Camp Co-producer.

Tracy Thibodeau (CCP, CGCP, PMP) – Life Coach, Girl Changing the World creator, Workshop Facilitator; Mom of 3. Specializes in Mother-Daughter Relationships.

Maurice Thibodeau – Executive Coach; Family Camp Facilitator & Host; Dad of 3; Family Camp Originator.

Brooke Storry - Kids Yoga Instructor, Facilitator, Kid’s Club Coordinator; Family Camp Co-Producer.

Amelia MacDougall - Mandella Creations Facilitator


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